Project Management 


Project Manager /Real Estate Management:


What we do is to connect the dots between the trades

and the property owner.  

Everything is done with complete care to time management.  

Staying on task and within the budget is our number one priority.


  • We've renovated several real estate properties from the ground  up.

  • Contract (hired/fired) and organized the labor; carpentry, electrician, interior designer, architect, land planners, landscapers, machine operators, etc.

    • Work with Building & Safety to determine what permits were needed and then acquired the proper permits appropriate for each job. Ie: water, electric, plumbing, carpentry, etc.

    • Collected bids and negotiated pricing.

    • Purchased the materials needed for the job.


Los Angeles, CA

Other responsibilities of the Project Management role include:


-Negotiating contracts for owners and subcontractors

-Completing a job start-up summary to be recorded into the accounting system

-Qualifying and contacting contractors to bid specific trade items

-Setting date for contractors to submit bids-Creating project budgets and budget adjustments

-Developing schedules-Managing multiple projects-Scheduling appointments to inspect site

-Conducting ongoing site inspections

-Obtaining and maintaining project files, including necessary project documentation


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