Residential Investments & 

Equity Partnerships 

They say the higher risk, the higher the gain.  
           ~Not so with us! 
The Real Estate market is still a great investment and it's time to take advantage. 

*Retirement funds are giving an ROI @ 7%- 9% tops.


*Stock market is always risky.

You definately have to know how to play to win! 

Why  work with us?  

With the  current interests rates being low,  this is a fabulous way to get a

higher return in less time.  We offer a higher, quicker return on your investment. You can make anywhere - a 15 % or more  return on your money in a very short time! 


Here's what happens:   

We work in several different ways.  


Feel free to select the best scenario to suit your needs. 
Sample Project #1
               NDA Opportunity
              Research & Development.

ROI PROPERTIES has properties that you can buy via REO, pre foreclosure, ugly house buys, etc.  Sometimes a double close isn't possible, though we have inventory  and we can offer you our  properties we discovered  our research and development of properties by offering a NDA opportunity.  Let us know where you are, what you want, how much you want to spend and we can find the best possible property out there for YOU.

You/ Investor provides 100% of the funding including Ernest deposit, closing costs, home purchase and renovations. You will not have to do anything else... except approve and accept the project.  You get your money back and we split (as per the percentage amount we agree upon) the net profit upon the project
completion and sale of the home.

Sample Project #2
               Assignment of Contract:

We have discounted undervalued properties available for purchase. Through assignment of contract, we have properties under contract that we can sell to you at discounted rates by way of a double close process.  


You purchase the contract from us and then take over the project using your contractors and laborers to turn and sell the property upon completion with a very decent profit.

Though we are located in

Los Angeles, Ca.,

we work throughout the USA  finding properties for you!

Sample Project #3
           Project Manager / Partner

You don't have a ton of time to be involved

in a large project?  


ROI PROPERTIES will manage your projects from start to completion.  Project reports, all contracts, labor budgets/estimates and investment analysis.  


Honest!  We provide all information up front.  You will see the entire project up front along with stats, budgets, spreadsheets, timelines, etc.  The appropriate information is there for you to make a wise investment decision.   It's up to you how involved you want to be.  

Let's discuss how much involvment you want. We can make it happen.  

We provide a professional service on a properties that may need minor or major renovations.

Our job is to be on point person, the lead and director in managing your property investment ie; from contracting the sale to doing the renovation to final sale.  

R - O -I stands for Return On Investment..

ROI PROPERTIES- stands for making sure your investment is taken seriously.  We are thorough and work until the job is done and completed to the utmost highest standards.  

What else do we do?

We put thousands of hours into every project we do!

WE are partners and value your business.

 We are fair, honest and trustworthy.  Investments are at stake and we definitely don't take that for granted.  

Time is money, for both of us.  



The sooner we complete our job the sooner you can collect on your investment. 

Los Angeles, CA




Serving the  USA
ROI PROPERTIES finds the real estate opportunity that fits your needs.
Single or multiple residence renovation and sale proposals.In either of these project choices, there's always a better return on your investment than any IRA, money market or bank!
For more info,  please send us your info and what you are looking for...