Project Management


  The Project Manager is the ultimate authority on the development and completion of construction projects.


Generally, a PM spends his/her time overseeing the project, hiring and approving work completed by contractors, as well as, negotiating contracts, and developing a budget and a timeline for the completion of the projects.  Further, the PM is responsible for resolving any issues with contractors and government officials.


The PM also works as a liaison between the construction team, architects, designers, owners and stakeholders of the project to facilitate communication, decision making and problem solving. 


Other responsibilities of the Project Management role include:

-Negotiating contracts for owners and subcontractors

-Completing a job start-up summary to be recorded into the accounting system

-Qualifying and contacting contractors to bid specific trade items

-Setting date for contractors to submit bids-Creating project budgets and budget adjustments

-Developing schedules-Managing multiple projects-Scheduling appointments to inspect site

-Conducting ongoing site inspections

-Obtaining and maintaining project files, including necessary project documentation

Marketing &
Business Solutions

We work with the non profit and for profit markets.


​We can manage your marketing and business development solutions through,
Created fundraisers.


  • Marketing and PR, ie; radio spots, newspaper, cable and social media. email campaigns, blogs

  • Developed a call room for raising donations.

  • Developed a proprietary scheduling program with IT.

  • Handled the communications and activities for the center.

  • Established new and innovative ways to draw people to the non profit.

  • Managed the newsletter and all correspondence for internal and external  business.

Residential Investments & 
Equity Partnerships

Equity Partner Wanted 

What I'm looking for is an investor who will fund  residential REAL ESTATE projects. 

Why would you do that?


Retirement funds are giving an ROI @ 7%- 9% tops.

Stock market is always risky.  You defininately have to know how to play.


Real Estate is coming back with avengance and it's time to take advantage. 


You will see a ROI  in approximately 12-18 weeks depending on the project.



We agree on an appropirate ROI...




 I will do everything from start to finish, ie; from contracting the sale to doing the renovation to final sale. You as the investor will get a higher return on your investment. You won't need to do anything except approve the investment and fund 100% of the project.


Repayment of your investment will be fulfilled upon the sale of the property.